Magic of Antiques

Antiquities are magic


- beauty, investment and prestige in one.

"Museum" definition of antiques, it defines them laconically,


as (...) "antique objects of ancient art of historic value,


historical, aesthetic or material." [Wikipedia]


This professional antique knowledge base, created by Vintage Clock Face as a collective answer to your questions,

will allow you to look at antiques in a completely different way, introducing you seamlessly into their fascinating world.


We have been dealing with antiques for 25 years, so we can share our extensive knowledge with you.


Not only theoretical knowledge (which is everywhere), but also much more interesting -


which is practical.


The formula of the vademecum, was conceived as a universal guide to


a world of antiques, which is not just antique furniture.



Antiques are also other age-old objects,

that make up a stylish interior design,

That is, stylish mirrors and consoles, lighting (chandeliers, lamps, wall lamps), clocks, sculptures, paintings.

These are also "permanent" elements - such as stylish fireplaces, balustrades, small architecture, sometimes also fountains.

They are also small objects of everyday use.


And last but not least, old prints, manuscripts, frigate, elliptical, old jewellery and other unusual artefacts (e.g. ancient art),

that can create beautiful family collections that are also an excellent investment

- a safe and discreet capital investment.

How beautiful, varied and interesting antiques are,

you will find out by visiting our shop

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People just beginning their adventure,

We are also often asked about seemingly obvious matters, but confused by the media or unreliable companies.


Are stylish and stylized objects one thing ?

Are "antique" and "artwork" the same ?

Is every old book an "old print" ?

How do artifacts differ from antiques ?

What is already antique and what is "old" ?

How to invest in antiques and works of art ?

What is the difference between a replica and a forgery ?


How do you protect yourself from forgeries ?

What profit do antiques and works of art bring ?


We will try to answer the above and many other questions on

our blog pages (link) and in various articles on our page




You are welcome to read them both.