SCULPTURE "GIRL WITH JUG OF WINE", Big Bronze - Antonio Canova

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Effective, very impressive and visually grateful over 1.5-meter high, natural dimensions bronze sculpture, depicting a young woman with a bowl and oinochoe (Greek jug for making and pouring wine).

Maintained in the classical canon of statuesque ancient sculpture.

A contemporary, artistically excellent reproduction works of the famous Italian sculptor, Coryphius of Classicism - Antonio Canova (1757-1822), made in an Italian master workshop with great attention to details and proportions.

Very decorative.

Signed "Canova" 

bronze (two-color patina)
octagonal marble base
height 160 cm
50 cm wide
60 cm deep

Excellent both for interiors (e.g. conservatories, winter gardens or pool rooms),
as well as outside - as a garden sculpture.

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