Beige Travertine Giant Garden Bench Baroque Style

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Beige travertine giant garden bench Baroque style, contemporary replica

A giant garden bench, made entirely of beautiful beige travertine, with meticulous attention to historical details that have been recreated down to the smallest detail.

Despite the width of 5 meters and well over a ton of weight - this bench gives the impression of "lightness", without overwhelming with its monumentalize the place where it is exposed.

The beautiful shape of Baroque balusters and volutes means that it can be recommended to the best gardens, including even palace gardens and various types of stylish areas. Each copy is unique, there are no two identical, because this bench is made by hand by an excellent sculptor, using the same method as 400 years ago.

This is associated with a relatively long waiting period, but we ensure that the effect that it has in nature - definitely worth the wait. Due to current orders, please contact us to confirm the current waiting time. Attention: This one copy is currently available! Made of beige travertine, intentionally artificially aged. Weight, circa 1200 kg.

H 51.19 in. x W 196.86 in. x D 53.15 in.
H 130 cm x W 500 cm x D 135 cm

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