Clément Léopold Steiner ORIGINAL 19th century bronze figures ! in the form of lamps !

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A couple of huge bronze figures in the form of lamps! Dated around 1880! Depicting female figures and a man in Venetian costumes. Signed!

Mighty size, up to 165 cm! height and very precisely made. Please pay attention to the detailed clothing of figures or dolphin tails!

Figures set on huge, round plinths decorated with shells! On the pedestal there are huge, very precisely made mythical dolphin figures adored by the ancient Romans, who placed the dolphins on mosaics, coins etc. This vision of dolphins was reproduced by artists of later eras, including Albrecht Dürer, Raphael and François Boucher, who used the form of Roman dolphins in their paintings.

On the dolphins, powerful figures of a woman and a man dressed as in very representative Venetian outfits - tunics. Please pay attention to the details of decorative ornaments on the tunics.

Powerful figures, in dignified poses, presenting lamps in the form of a torch over their heads!

Figures signed with the name Steiner. Signatures on the bases of both figures.

The artist is listed at auction and his works are rare on the market and are sought after by collectors and art lovers.

A real ORIGINAL bronze - an antique, which is a great rarity! It is not an imitation, a contemporary Chinese copy or a poor quality fake.

Clément Léopold Steiner (1853 - 1899), an outstanding French sculptor. He graduated from the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris (State Higher School of Fine Arts in Paris). A student of François Jouffroy and Aimé Millet.

Gold medalist of the World Exhibition in 1889!

His latest work - Pégase tenu par la Renommée de la Guerre (photo below) decorates the famous Alexander III Bridge in Paris. Steiner did not manage to finish the work before his death and the sculpture was finished by Eugène Gantzlin in 1900.

Pégase tenu par la Renommée de la Guerre

Unique and a treat for collectors and art lovers.

The figures can give a charm to any room, especially at the entrance to the house, where they would invite the householder and visitors.

In fact, the lamps shine in a warm orange colour, which is impossible to describe in the pictures.

Below are some selected auction results of Steiner's sculptures from the world's auction houses.

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