Rare Bronze Figural Art Nouveau lamp 1900c

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Rare  Bronze Figural Art Nouveau lamp 1900c

 A unique figural Art Nouveau lamp made of bronze. Dated around 1900.

Placed on a leaf-shaped base and the figure of an ibis bird with a leaf in its beak!

Lamp base is S-shaped.Decorated with leafy shoots and topped with a beautiful lampshade in the form of a leaf.

A lampshade made of bronze! Decorated with engraved flowers and three green slides imitating stones.

Please note how beautifully they are lit.

Along the edge of the lampshade, dangling tassels of strung long glass tubes and beads imitating crystals

A filigree lamp with beautiful Art Nouveau decorations, giving pleasant warm lighting. Perfect for both a desk and a bedside table.

Noteworthy here is the figure of an ibis - in ancient Egypt considered a holy bird, which was the attribute of the god Thoth (the god was depicted with the head of this bird or as the bird itself). Thoth was the Egyptian god of the moon and wisdom.

Unique on the Antiques Market !!

Electrical installation replaced new

 excellent condition.


Total height  37 cm 


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