Very Rare Bronze Chandelier 6-arm

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A huge, 6-arm chandelier!

Huge, 6-arm chandelier made of Bronze!

Dated around 1900.

A monumental chandelier, weighing 51 kilograms!

...electric, 24 candle light chandelier!

The body of the chandelier is semi-circular, very massive, richly decorated with numerous women's busts with arms spread out, forming an unusual chain around the whole body. The whole is completed with incredibly detailed floral motifs and ornaments.

Finished at the bottom with an acanthus rosette with a cone.

Above the body a massive shaft decorated with bouquets of flowers with six wavy ears topped with female heads.

Arched arms, decorated with large flowers, attached radially to the body. Each end with a plate with four sleeves for candle holders.

The whole hung on a short chain, attached to a massive baldachin in the form of acanthus leaves.

The chandelier is working very well, preserved in excellent condition! 

Huge and very representative. It is breathtaking live - you can sit and admire it endlessly!

Such large, heavy and richly carved chandeliers are among the unique on the antiquarian market.

The chandelier looks amazingly live, especially in full light, which is impossible to see in the pictures

A real ORIGINAL Bronze - an antique, which is a great rarity! It is not an imitation, a contemporary Chinese copy or a poor quality fake.


length: 95 cm!

arm span: 85 cm!

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