Vintage Clock Face is a family business selling antiques in the UK. The company is run by antique lovers. We try to share our common passion with our clients. Our mission is not just selling antiques.

We want to offer our clients the widest possible range of services. Starting from a wide range of antiques in our shop, through advice (both running a blog with advice and assistance in completing the collection), up to complex arrangements of antique interiors and of gardens. 

We are also constantly working together with antique restoration workshops. We cooperate with antique merchants and galleries all over Europe. Many of our offer is in stock outside the UK. That is why we put such a great deal of emphasis on confirming the availability of an item before making a transaction. 

We approach each client individually, trying to achieve 100% of satisfaction. We always try to suggest a few options to give the customer the best possible choice. 

The majority of us use special courier services or private transport to make sure that such invaluable things as antiques reach the customer undamaged and that they are unloaded and brought home by a trained team.

Welcome to Vintage Clock Face and welcome to our services.