At Vintage Clock Face we are constantly trying to improve and develop the highest level of our services. The following terms and conditions have been created for the benefit of our valuable customers and the priceless things they buy in our shop. As you know, antiques are of great value. Due to their age and often unique way of making, some of them are real works of art almost impossible to recreate. For this reason, any damage to an antiquity causes an irreparable loss for both the global culture and the owner of that antiquity. That is why we ask all our valuable customers to read this article. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, to dispel any doubts you may have and to try and solve any problems you may have. The following rules are
mostly applicable to large items that require unloading. For smaller items (suitable for courier deliveries) the normal shipping rules apply

1.Vintage Clock Face (hereinafter referred to as VCF, we, the company) guarantees the delivery of all purchased items to the customer's home (hereinafter referred to as Buyer).

2. Some antiques by shape or (and) size may be divided into parts for transport purposes. Large size antiques are delivered to the customer's house through a VCF team, a partner company working with us, or a trusted carrier hired for this purpose.

3. The buyer undertakes to ensure that the purchased antiques can be unloaded freely and brought inside the property at its destination. The VCF and the partner companies mentioned above perform this service free of charge. 

4. The buyer undertakes to check the entire route that the purchased item must travel from the truck to its destination according to the dimensions of the purchased item specified by the VCF (please also take into account all ornaments that protrude beyond the body of the item, are usually small and therefore easy to damage).

5. Points to check (in case of any technical problems with the dimensioning or doubts about the interpretation of the measurements - please contact us, our technical department will provide comprehensive information and solve the problem):

  •  The width and height of the entrance door and all the doors on the way (a hint )-sometimes temporary removal of the door can be a solution
  •  The width of the hall, possible corners on the road
  •  The width of the staircase and the height of the ceiling on the stairs (bulkhead) and the size of the landings, the height of the rails (when delivered upstairs) - we recommend removing all , furniture, flowers, vases, lamp vases, etc. We also recommend that you wrap up the railings and posts in the staircase.
  •  The amount of space in the room where the item is to stand (often it has to be turned back, often the assembly also requires space to place the item flat on the floor) - please provide as much space as possible to our people.
  •  In case of lack of access to the room, it is sometimes possible to bring in through the patio, terrace, balcony or even window. You can consider such an option but please letus know in advance because often such an alternative unloading requires more people and we have to arrange it earlier
  •  In extreme cases, the hiring of suitable machinery such as a crane or forklift may be arranged by the VCF for an additional fee, or the client may do so himself. Again, please inform us about this as early as possible

6. The buyer also undertakes to check the access road and entry to the property, providing a temporary parking space for the time of unloading. The size of the purchased item must be adjusted to the size of the delivery vehicle (e.g. a huge 5 m garden fountain cannot be delivered in a small
minivan. Please give all dimensions and discuss your doubts as soon as possible so we can find a solution.

7. The buyer undertakes to remove or cover floors and carpets that may get dirty during the delivery. Unfortunately, due to the size and weight of the items, our employees will not be able to remove the shoes as there is a risk of serious accident.

8. VCF shall not be liable for damaged customer property that has not been removed or secured in accordance with the above recommendations.

9. Lack of access to the destination and inability to bring the item home does not constitute grounds for cancellation and refund. The assessment of access is up to the buyer. VCF performs the above assessment only when performing interior design, which is a separate service provided by our company. The above assessment is performed by the designer during a visit to the customer's house.

10. The delivery team inspects the unloading route and, after finding out that there is no obstacle, the delivery team starts the unloading process.

11. If it is found that there is a lack of access / insufficient access that could cause damage to the object or property of the customer, VCF has the right to refuse to unload the goods and bring them to a predetermined destination. The goods may be unloaded at an alternative location indicated by the customer (garage, utility room or leaving the item on the ground floor when it cannot be brought in).

12. The above point also applies if there is no suitable access road to the property and there is no suitable means of transport between the street and the home (this applies in particular to extremely heavy and large items that cannot be moved manually to further distances).

13. The lack of an alternative place of unloading will result in one of two options (the customer decides on the spot):
a) unloading in another place, freely indicated by the Customer, within a 2 mile radius (e.g. at a friend's house or property);
b) returning the item(s) to the VCF warehouse.

If option b) is selected, the Client shall be obliged to collect the item(s) from the VCF warehouse within a maximum of 14 days with his own transport or cover the cost of retransportation (delivery) to a new unloading place indicated by the Client. Storage of the item(s) by VCF within 14 days is free of charge.
After this deadline, VCF will charge a storage fee of £50 per day of storage for each item.

15. VCF does not carry out any construction or connection work (water, gas, electricity, etc.). We can arrange for such services to be provided by a trusted company, this must be agreed in advance with VCF and is subject to a separate agreement. Payments for such services are also billed separately.
After bringing the item to the site / alternative site, the purchased item is immediately unpacked, the buyer performs an inspection and after finding out the absence of damage, confirms this by signing a receipt.

16. If the Buyer refuses to unpack the item and the inspection automatically finds that there are no defects in the goods and accepts the condition of the item as shown in the pictures or in the description on the website of the VCF store.

17. In the case of damage other than those shown in the photos, the Buyer has the right to cancel the
transaction or keep the item and obtain a discount covering the cost of repair / renovation of
18. The above provisions apply only in the United Kingdom. Outside the UK the items are deliveredexclusively through shipping companies. The unloading is arranged by the Buyer

Dear Customers

Thank you very much for reading this article. I hope it wasn't too long and boring.
The article was created on the basis of our many years of experience in interior design and work in the furniture industry. I also hope that it will be helpful in choosing the antiquity of your dreams from our offer. I think that this article will also outline the face of our company.
Our mission is not only to sell antiques, but also to provide the best possible level of service for the benefit of both parties. For us, antique lovers, antiques are not only the subject of transactions, they are also a treasury of knowledge about our past, about the culture of our ancestors, often passed on
from generation to generation.
Again, I encourage you to cooperate with us. In case of any doubt, we are here to help you since the
Vintage Clock Face mission will not stop when you press the "Buy Now" button. Our mission only begins then and continues until your unique item reaches its resting place for many years. If You got any more question contact us at
Yours sincerely Vintage Clock Face