Many people often wonder why two similar-looking antiques have different qualities. Our prices often express the value of an object. 

We mainly offer antiques with documented origin from reliable sources. We also try to present the history of a given antiquity. 

We also offer excellent replicas and stylized items, which refer to a given style but were made later. 

They are often a perfect complement to collections with of a given style, as they have been produced in accordance with all the characteristics and techniques characteristic of the style. 

They are also much cheaper than the original items ancient. You can read about the classification of antiques here (link to the Blog article).

Please also be careful to read descriptions of our antiques. We do not conceal the origin and age of our goods. 

We also do not sell cheap counterfeits and antiques from unknown sources. If we know nothing about the origin of our item, it is mentioned in the description.