19th Century Bronze skulpture Marcel Debut

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An original bronze sculpture by Marcel Debut - depicting a beautiful, singing woman.

Titled "Chant Divin" (from French "Divine Singing").

Dated around 1900.

Large, up to 45 cm high, and very precisely made. Please note the precision of the casting on the facial features, hands or hair. A wavy dress rich in decorative ornaments was also made in detail.

A very warm, unusual theme depicting a beautiful young woman while singing; dressed in a very decorative dress, holding a notebook with notes in her hands.

Marcel Debut (1865 - 1933, France) - son of the French sculptor Jean Didier Debut, painter and sculptor. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris with Henri Chap. As a painter, he created landscapes and genre scenes, while sculpture was allegorical, allegorical groups, figure sculptures and portrait sculptures. He created historicising sculptures, but in his work you can also see more modern works - Art Nouveau.

Debut sculptures are valued and sought after all around the world by collectors and art lovers. Auction-listed author, today his sculptures can be found in the most prestigious auction houses around the world.

The figure presented to you with a beautiful, interesting form and named "Chant Divin" motif is one of the sought after rarities on the antique market.

Based on the author's signature - Debut, decorative bronze plaque with the title "Chant Divin" (from French "Divine Singing").

height: 43 cm

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