An impressive figural clock in neo-Renaissance style

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An impressive, figural floor clock in neo-Renaissance style. Dated to the interwar years. Made of oak wood.

Characterized by extremely precise sculpture and woodcarving, as well as size. Please also pay attention to the decorated pendulum and scales.

Clock in oak casing in the Renaissance, three-storey type; front legs in the form of flattened balls. Cuboidal base, with a wide, profiled cornice decorated with woodcarving. The front is richly ornamented: in the middle there is a relief mask, on the sides rich and intricate pilasters.

The clock's body in the form of a niche supported at the front by two bent columns in the form of incredibly precisely carved pilasters crowned with figures of atlants - woman and man.

Inside, a back wall with a rich woodcarving decoration with a coat of arms and intricate plant motifs.

The clock head in the form of a cabinet containing a mechanism, closed with a glass door. On the sides pilasters with decoration repeating motifs from lower floors. The clock is crowned with a prominent profiled cornice with precisely carved ornaments.

At the top a richly carved crown with a coat of arms.

The mechanism

A German clock mechanism produced in the interwar period.

Chain drive, pendulum regulator. Graham's capture grip with adjustable pallets. Full thick plates of the mechanism.

One-tonne combo-type beat mechanism. This system allows to correct back time without damaging the beat mechanism.

Spiral chime mounted in a cast iron cube, whose construction and mounting results in a beautiful long bass sound. The wooden casing amplifies this sound and acts as a large resonance box.

The beating of such a clock certainly affects the right atmosphere of the house.

The wheel teeth are milled full and polished. The beating mechanism levers are made of brass and steel. Silver plated brass dial deeply etched? with black painted Arabic hour index and minute scale.

Openwork tips unbleached (unbleached is a hot applied decorative and anti-corrosion coating). Pendulum with wooden rod, pendulum lens embossed very richly decorated with additional embossed applications.

It is worth noting the photograph showing the differences in the size of this "palace" clock mechanism compared to the serial one. Next to the described mechanism, there is a standard KIENZLE floor clock mechanism, which is much smaller (over 5 cm wide and high).

The mechanisms from the large-scale production have all parts of the mechanism made of thinner and inferior materials, which significantly affects the period of correct operation of the clock.

The clock and its mechanism is classically very solid despite its age, there are no signs of excessive wear or unprofessional repairs. Properly serviced it will surely be enjoyed by the next generations of the household.

Such richly decorated clocks of such a large size are very rare on the antiquarian market.

A clock after renovation and a watchmaker's inspection - to be inserted and used.

All original elements - from the period.


Height: 253cm!

Width: 64 cm

Depth: 37 cm

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