Antique furniture set neo-renaissance office

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The set includes a wide library, a two-sided desk and an armchair.

The library is very wide, four-door - with full side doors and glazed middle doors. The panels of the side doors are surrounded by a carved ornament and veneer of patterned walnut currant veneer. Finished with polish. In the central part of the door, huge, carved circles with head-shaped handles. Circles and panels surrounded by ornamental ornaments.

The middle door is covered with bevelled glass and richly ornamented. Captured on the sides with two pilasters decorated with interesting woodcarving and carved figures.

Library base decorated in detail with carved woodcarving.

The upper wreath with a profiled cornice, richly decorated with reliefs of plant motifs and precisely carved ornament.

Double-sided desk, with an arched form. Free-standing, built-up; supported on two bodies. The front of the furniture, the face of the drawer and the door decorated with veneered board with beautiful wood texture. Panels finished with hand-made multi-layered polish.

Decorated with rich woodcarving.

In the central part of the door carved heads of men and women. In the middle, a place for legs and a decorative drawer.

In the middle, on the left, four pull-out drawers; on the right, pull-out desks.

Unusual and representative desk, richly decorated with numerous floral ornaments and, above all, veneered panels, which stand out from the dark structure of the furniture and give the desk a racial look.

Armchair with a slightly tilted, rectangular, high backrest - very comfortable. Wavy handrails, ended on both sides with volutes and female figures. Backrest and seat upholstered. The backrest is crowned with reliefs of plant motifs.

Complete set of furniture. With one purchase you can equip the whole office with solid wood and antique style.


Very representative and unusual - with numerous architectural figures characteristic of the Renaissance style. On each of the elements you can see repeated decorations, which prove the originality of the set.

Furniture after professional renovation and polishing of the panels! - to insert and use.



Width: 267 cm

Height: 213 cm

Depth: 46 cm


Width: 179 cm

Height: 77 cm

Depth: 81 cm


Width: 64 cm

Height: 139 cm

Depth: 60 cm

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