Antique Rare Kienzle Wall Clock BIEDERMEIER 1910c

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KIENZLE Eclecticism after renovation Germany around 1910

Has an embossed KIENZLE signature

Sensational gong tone quality beautifully carries the soundIt has movement clock

origins in XIX century . The clock's case-new made:

delicately HAND-carved. The unusual veneer make chest more stunning.It is in perfect condition, ready to hang on the wallCertainly, it is an unusual specimen that can become a decoration of your living room.

height: 100 cm

 width: 36cm

clock face:

14.5 cm

 This is a very impressive wall clock of the highest quality which looks absolutely beautiful on display

The clock mechanism is cleaned, adjusted and oiled with special oil for clocks. 


 Guarantees compliance of the description with the actual state. I will answer every question 

The clock does not require any investment.

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