Antique Wall Clock Gustav Becker, 145 cm! 19th

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A unique hanging clock by Gustav Becker, 145 cm! 

Amazingly sizable whole original unique hanging clock. Made in walnut wood, the mechanism in a magnificent Eclectic casing with a rare unusual form, all dated back to the late 19th century.

The Gustav Becker Freiburg in Schlesien company's corded hanging clock is nowadays in Świebodzice Dolny Śląsk. Renowned German clock manufacturer. Mechanism with serial number 1152722 year of manufacture 1895 (118 years). The clock mechanism was produced even before the Świebodzice clockworks merged into a large union.

Two-piece enamelled dial with Roman hour index and minute scale. Openwork steel hands decorated with a floral motif, graham grip with a brass anchor with adjustable steel pallets. Milled pinions hardened and polished, axes polished. Screws and springs blueish-brown (bluing - flame retardant coating). Clocks with weight drive are among the most accurate mechanical clocks due to the specifics of this drive. A constant driving force significantly influences the walking accuracy of such a clock. The precision of time measurement of this clock exceeds the accuracy of most other clocks, especially those with spring drive. Thanks to the use of a wooden pendulum rod, temperature changes have almost no influence on the accuracy of the walk and the daily deviation of the clock.

Hour and half-hour beating system - this system makes it possible to adjust the time even backwards without any mistakes or damage to the mechanism. It is possible to start the run-out of hours at any time without moving the lever by hand. Single-tone spiral chime.

Despite the fact that 125 years have passed since the production of this mechanism, no significant wear and tear of the clock's parts is visible. The mechanism made very solidly, there are no signs of excessive wear or unprofessional repairs (e.g. narrowing of bearings, alterations).

Unique on the antiquarian market, we recommend !

Dimensions: Length: 145 cm !!!, Width: 51 cm

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