BOULLE CLOCKS, 19th century.

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A beautiful half-meter high mantle clock,

made in the second half of the 19th century in Boulle technique and style,

which is the most expensive and effective ebony style in history.


Very richly ornamented with a complicated, characteristic for Boulle style, ornament,

made entirely in a labour-intensive metal inlaying technique.


Additionally, decorated with numerous expressive fittings, Gorgona's head below the face of the digiplate

and crowned with a seated figure of a putt climbing the Horn of Plenty.

The whole is complemented by impressive glazed sides and front of the clock,

separate porcelain plates each hour on a digital plate,

and a beautiful, so-called Sunny Pendulum.

  • France
  • The second half of the 19th century.
  • wood, metal, gilded bronze
  • height 50 cm
  • width 25 cm
  • depth 13 cm


Excellent for living room, office, library, etc.


No damage or glue,

without any missing or reworked elements.

Complete metal inlays, fully stable and without any tendency to be detached.



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