Bronze Cavalier Moor Return Hunting Sign Barge Fils

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Extremely effective, impressive and presentable, bronze with double patinas sculpture over a meter high, OF A MAURE RIDER The horse harnessed to the Moorish. Rider returning from the hunt, the game hanging from the saddle. 

French work, late nineteenth century early twentieth centuries. 

Particularly noteworthy is the master workshop (proportions, details)
and expressiveness of the whole composition.
Excellent, realistic portrait of the rider and anatomical details of the steed

A very high artistic class, incomparable to most copies of this famous work
- perfect proportions and perfectly worked out details.

Signed "Barge Fils" on an oval base.

height 104 cm
90 cm wide
depth 50 cm.

Perfect bronze for the lobby, office, library, living room, etc.

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