Bronze Free - Standing Palace Fountain - 20th Century - 5 Meters High

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A monumental, highest artistic class, a free-standing palace fountain, decorated with an extremely impressive and extensive, baroque-classicizing iconographic program.
A phenomenal museum-class facility.
The most beautiful fountain we've ever had in our offer.

In addition to the beautiful and stylistically coherent composition of the whole, special attention deserves, among others masterfully made figures of sitting deities (personification of Rivers), while on the upper floor of the fountain - beautiful putti playing instruments, dolphins, etc ...

Despite the enormous height of 5 meters - in nature, the fountain captivates with its visual lightness and creates a stunning impression, which, unfortunately, no pictures can give.

An extremely prestigious and representative object of the highest artistic class, worth recommending to the best objects - both outside and inside (the minimum room height is 8 m).


A museum-class fountain, very clearly but tastefully emphasizes "Genius Loci" and the highest status of the place where it will be found.

In addition to a villa, residence, manor or palace - it will also be a great decoration of an exclusive hotel, spa, spa park, spa / wellness center, business club, golf course, prestigious hall or garden of a wedding house, and thousands of other amazing places and properties that you host A state that is not lacking in our beautiful country.
Pool not included - available to order separately ,please contact us for free quote.
Weight : Circa 3 Tonnes ( 6600 lbs )

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