Bust of Athenian Leader Militiades the Younger - Aglomarble

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Huge (almost a meter high), weighing almost 150 kg,

a very impressive and refined sculpture in agglomerate marble,

depicting a bust of the Athenian leader Militiades the Younger (554-488 BCE)

in a richly decorated parade helmet.

A gorgeous, realistic portrait.

A modern replica of an ancient sculpture from the turn of the 6th / 5th century BC,

made with great attention to reproduction of all historical details.

A classic, timeless item, perfectly suited to any room,

regardless of its style.

In nature, the sculpture makes a great impression

(it appears much smaller in the photos than it actually is).

Aglomarble is a material made of natural marble stone , that provides a 95% mass and polyester wax as binder

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