Fine French Empire Bronze Antique Mantel Clock by Honoré Pons, circa 1827

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Surmounted by  artist, this fine clock is of a quality in cast and finish that is above reproach.

The figure is draped in a complex folded cape, his hand rested along based on a clock 

The squared case of the clock features an etched clock face with a Roman Numeral chapter ring and pierced hands. The movement was designed by Pierre-César Honoré Pons, a Parisian clockmaker who set up shop in 1803 and is generally recognized as being most active between the years of 1807-1846.

This is a clock of very fine quality and presence.Includes pendulum and bell

pendulum the same number as the number on the mechanism and frames

The  clock is made of bronze and black Belgian marble

Certainly, it is an unusual specimen that can become a decoration of your living room.

height: 64 cm

width: 44 cm

depth: 16 cm

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