Large Marble Gilt Bronze & Candelabra Antique French Clock Set

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Museum class, palace mantle clock with two candelabra. A bronze rococo set (the so-called garniture) was created around 1880, probably on individual orders.

The case clock , the bases and the stems of the candelabra were made of very rare, precious, cherry marble. Other structural elements (e.g. candelabra arms, clock legs, etc.) and rich rococo fittings - these are gilded bronze.

It impresses with a wealth of refined, Rococo forms and ubiquitous decorations.

 Rocaille is absolutely the leitmotif here - starting from the legs of the clock and candelabra, through numerous rococo medallions, fancifully curling arms of magnificent seven-candle candelabras, to the top of the clock in the form of a cheerful putt

Particularly noteworthy are the beautiful and impressive, the so-called A sunny pendulum reflecting majestically in the polished marble of the lower part of the clock case.

The whole, in real, makes a huge impression, which only a small part was captured in the pictures.

The French movement is of high quality and is in excellent clean and running condition having  been fully overhauled by our clockmaker. Pendulum is a replacement. It runs for 8  days and strikes the hours and halves .

French , around 1880 , cherry marble, gold-plated bronze

clock height 60 cm, candelabra 68 cm each (without candles)

clock width 36 cm, candelabra 30 cm each

clock depth 21 cm, candelabra 33 cm each.

This set will be a great decoration of any high-class living room, study, library, etc. It will of course be best presented on a fireplace or wide furniture top - a large chest of drawers or a so-called bar, also with a top-level mirror.

No damage or glue, without any missing or reworked elements.

Spot, dark spots on gilding - without affecting the aesthetics of the set


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