Lenzkirch Secession central second ! regulator !

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Unique, catalogued floor clock in Art Nouveau style. With a very delicate, subtle form, pendulum regulator and central seconds hand by Lenzkirch.

Veneer-covered with walnut veneer beautifully arranged in the shape of a fir!

With straight sides, set on four turned legs. Glazed from the front and sides.

The pedestal is set on a wide ledge, veneer and engraved with floral motifs. Glazed front door covering the weight and pendulum with circular, brass lens and clock face; veneer. At the top above the dial, decorated with two floral buttons. The rear wall behind the pendulum is veneered.

The clock case topped with a carved figure in the shape of a vase - on a gabled roof with a tympanum engraved with floral motifs.

Beautiful, interesting form of the casing subtly decorated with delicate architectural figures hides an incredibly rare and precise and rare mechanism - the main advantage, the heart of the exhibit presented to you.

The clock and above all its majestic walk makes the greatest impression especially live.

 Description of the mechanism:

LENZKIRCH mechanical floor clock with central pendulum regulator and weight drive, manufactured in 1902 with serial number 1 347 134. Signed with a fir branch with a cone and the inscription A.G.U. LENZKIRCH. Full company name: Actien-Gesellschaft fur Uhrenfabrikation LENZKIRCH Baden. The German clock, one of the most renowned manufacturers of clocks, has been the biggest competitor of Gustav Becker since its foundation.


Technical data:

8-day walk reserve, brass, silver plated dial with Roman hour index and minute scale. Steel hands blue, graham grip with brass anchor with adjustable steel pallets. Milled pinions hardened and polished, polished axes, solid plates up to 2,9 mm thick. Screws and springs blueish-brown (bluing - hot-applied corrosion protection). Pendulum second with wooden rod (a pendulum second is a pendulum whose duration of one pendulum (half the pendulum period) is one second). A brass pendulum lens filled with a lead insert. Intestinal drive line (prepared animal intestines).

Clocks with weight drive are among the most accurate mechanical clocks due to the specificity of this drive. Constant driving force significantly influences the walking accuracy of such a clock. The precision of time measurement of this clock exceeds the accuracy of most other clocks, especially those with spring drive. Thanks to the use of a wooden pendulum rod, the temperature changes do not have a great influence on the walking accuracy and the daily deviation of the clock because the thermal expansion of dry wood is negligible. The significant weight of the pendulum lens has a significant impact on the stable and undisturbed clockwork. The pendulum's adjustment knob is equipped with a scale with a pointer, which facilitates precise adjustment of the clock gait. Despite the fact that nearly 114 years have passed since the production of this mechanism, no significant wear and tear of the clock's parts is visible. The clock has been professionally inspected and has dated clockmakers' entries on the inside of the dial.

The clock is one hundred percent original and complies with the manufacturer's datasheet.

The mechanism does not bear any signs of excessive wear or unprofessional repairs (e.g. narrowing of bearings, alterations). Very good condition for insertion and use after a professional watchmaking inspection.


Height: 208 cm

Width: 55 cm

Depth: 28 cm

Unique on the antiquarian market !


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