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A remarkable piece of furniture museum-class. For connoisseurs of the subject. Unique, made to individual order as a masterpiece, palace dresser in Renaissance Revival style, embellished with an exceptionally intricate, chunky woodcarving of the highest class.

The surface of the furniture piece is literally fully covered with deep carving and reliefs. It’s worth noticing the very impressive heads of mascarons and lions, as well as – modelled on architectural cornices – elements “supporting” the coping (crown) of the furniture.

The fluted Corinthian semi-columns, decorating this remarkable dresser in a layout referring to the so-called classical order in architecture. A perfect example of top-class Renaissance Revival furniture.

The thickness of the components and woodcarving elements made of solid wood translates into a considerable weight of the cupboard, oscillating around a quarter ton. An exceptionally striking and prestigious piece of furniture, recommended for good-taste interiors.

Style -  Renaissance Revival

Classification -  Antique – stylized furniture

Time of origin -  Around 1880 (3rd quarter of 19th century)

Place of origin -  Central Europe

Material -  Wood

Measurements -  h/w/d. : 199 / bottom 169, crown 181 / bottom 65, crown 71 cm

Mass -  Circa 250kg

Item condition - Excellent. After professional conservative maintenance.

Damages -  None.

Certificate YES – Certificate of Authenticity

Guarantee -  Guarantee of Legal Origin

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