Neo-Renaissance wardrobe 18th

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Neo-Renaissance wardrobe dated to the 18th century. Very richly carved, made of walnut wood.

With a coronary structure, supported on a wide pedestal with a profiled cornice, decorated with ornaments characteristic of the Renaissance and deep woodcarving. On the sides, two large carved heads of women with bunches of grapes woven into the hair. Inside, a deep drawer with a decorated face.

The wardrobe enclosed on the sides with powerful decorative pilasters decorated with carved flower bouquets and fruit. Pilasters topped with huge figures of putti. Please note that each sculpture is different, which indicates manual carving.

One-door wardrobe. Opened with a massive, very thick door supported by original forged 18th-century hinges. A door with a frame structure, surrounded by a detailed hand-carved woodcarving with floral motifs. In the central part, the handle is in the form of a fully-shaped female head.

The original castle, huge.

The upper door panel with a deeply carved, warm genre scene depicting four putts collecting grape fruit. One of them holds a cup of wine in his hand. The panel is also richly carved in floral compositions.

Top vignette with profiled cornice. Decorated with numerous ornaments. In the central part, the woman's head is covered on the sides with a delicate woodcarving with floral motifs and birds.

Four shelves inside the wardrobe.

Very representative and practical furniture. An additional advantage is its relatively small size - it can decorate any room.

The wardrobe can be used to store both clothes and tableware, porcelain or glass.

About an extremely rich and precise woodcarving. Each of the decorative elements testifies to the artistry of the ebenist who made it.

Wardrobe condition very good. Refreshed both outside and inside

Height: 216 cm

Width: 133 cm

Depth: 61 cm

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