Original, 19th century oil painting in a beautiful frame

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An original, 19th century oil painting characterized by a beautiful, rich and gilded frame and unusually large sizes.

The painting shows an idyllic motif with a forest landscape, with a hut on the left and a lake at the bottom of the canvas. Please pay attention to precise brush strokes, vivid colours and a warm genre scene.

The frame is magnificent, decorated with baroque shells and ornaments as well as numerous floral motifs. Please pay attention to its thickness and width.

Very good condition for your age, to hang and admire.

Beautiful and original picture, which is difficult to capture in the pictures because such magnificent works should be seen from a distance on the wall, where no light reflections are visible.


With a frame: 120 x 157 cm!

Without frame: 80 x 115 cm

Frame thickness up to 16 cm!


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