Pair Antique Gilded Bronze Enamel Candlesticks IBERIAN PENINSULA 19TH

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Pair Antique Bronze Enamel Candlesticks IBERIAN PENINSULA – 19th century.

The candlestick stands on three feet based on volute and acanthus leaf

The base has the form of a truncated pyramid with a triangle section.

Stem with a cylindrical shape, with a large nodule in the middle of height

Large perks, in the form of a hemisphere, with an extensive edge line.

The whole is covered with a geometrical decoration, in the type of horror vacui - the same motif, referring to lilies, is found on the base and perk, another, based on a multi-leaf, adorns the stem

Condition: current enamel damage.

Gilded bronze, enamel


 height  42 cm 

depth 18,5  cm

width 16 cm

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