Pair of amazingly massive Neo-Baroque thrones

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A pair of amazingly massive TRONS - Neo-Baroque chairs made in walnut wood, dating back to the 19th century. The furniture is characterized by its huge size and excellent woodcarving and carving.

Armchairs with openwork, incredibly richly carved backrest with a coat of arms in the middle.  The backrests are embellished with decorative ornaments on the sides and topped with two huge sculptures of putts supporting the cartouche. On the sides, two volute stakes.

Straight handrails, very thick, finished with intricately carved puttian heads. Please pay attention to the execution - they look alive!

Trapezoidal seats supported on four massive, carved legs. Front legs in the form of powerful lion paws.

The legs are connected with each other by very decorative links.

Unusual, representative and decorative furniture!

UNIQUE on the antiquarian market

Please pay attention to the carvings and their details, details - the heads look alive. Imagine how much time and work had to be spent by the ebenist who designed and made both amazing armchairs. The whole thing looks particularly impressive live.

Both are set at the end of the table and can be used as armchairs for householders!


Height: 171 cm

height to the seat: 51 cm,

Width: 93 cm

Depth: 85 cm


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