Rare French Empire Porcelain Mantle Clock 19th

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A massive porcelain console clock in Empire style. FIGURAL! from the 19th century, with very rich symbolism. Hand-painted!

Very decorative - representative, characterized by large, figures of women and putts. Such a huge porcelain clock is a real rarity on the antiquarian market. The clock presented to you makes an amazing impression especially live.

Origin: France, Paris;

Console clock, wall-mounted. Set on a rectangular base with four volute legs. The base is similar to the whole painted by hand - numerous floral compositions, gildings. From the front, along the base painted landscape and five putts with attributes of fine arts - architecture, painting, literature, drawing and sculpture. Around the base there is a turquoise pearl.

In the fields under the verk, agricultural and musical motifs. Around the verk rich, hand painted floral compositions.

On the sides of the clock two powerful antithetical sitting figures depicting barefoot women dressed in loose tunics in flowery patterns. Probably Fates holding a corner and a spindle in his hands - sprouting the thread of life. Next to women, two figures of half-naked putts - one with a pallet, a stylus and books symbolizing drawing, painting and literature.

The second one with a pen and a book in hand and with a note at the feet symbolizing poetry and music.

The whole is crowned with a large turquoise vase decorated with gildings and two miniature paintings - four puttas in a boat from the front. At the back, a composition with musical motifs, flowers referring to the composition from under the clock's verk.

The metal verk, enamelled with the Roman markings of hours and the Arabic markings of minutes. System of beating hours and half hours. Parisian mechanism. Detailed description of the mechanism soon.

A clock with very rich symbolism - a combination of attributes of time, life and fine arts.

The clock is certainly made on individual order.


Width: 87 cm !!

Height: 67 cm

Depth: 22 cm

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