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An interesting, impressive and very decorative object - Sella Curulis - the so-called Curule seat, i.e. a scissorfolded chair-armchair, which serves today mainly for decorative functions.

Its prototype was a decorated with ivory tiles, folding stool with curved, scissor-like legs. This piece was already known in ancient Egypt and Greece. It flourished in ancient Rome (where the concept was borrowed from the Etruscans), where at first it was used only by kings, and in the period of the Republic and after - also by higher officials (magistratus curules - e.g.: Egrets of Curules, People's Tribune, dictator, praetor, consul, quaestor, censor, etc.).

The furniture is perfectly made, beautifully decorated and fully functional (folding).

Apart from the unquestionable decorative function, nothing stands in the way of adding a stylish pillow (for comfort, on the seat) – to make it a fully functional piece of furniture.

Ideal for a stylish private or company office, as well as a hall decoration, gallery, foyer, etc...

Style -  Classical

Classification -  Stylish furniture

Time -  of origin 2 nd half of 20th century

Place of origin -  Central Europe

Material -  Wood

Measurements -  h/w/d. : 90/70/60 cm

Item condition - Excellent. After professional conservative maintenance. 

Damages -  None

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