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A free-standing marble fountain of high artistic class made in classicistic style – small, but very impressive.

Despite the beautiful and stylistically coherent composition of the whole, particularly noteworthy is the precisely and very realistically sculpted in dark marble figure of a woman “cooling off” under the water pouring out of an amphora held over her head.

The plinth (foot) and surround of the fountain basin, made from dark slate, referring in colour to a marble sculpture, coherently close this interesting whole. Despite a weight of over a quarter of a ton – in nature, this fountain captivates with its visual lightness and makes a strong impression, which is impossible to capture on a photo.

An exceptionally prestigious and representative item, worthy of recommendation for classes properties – for both indoors and outdoors. A fountain of this class will definitely but with taste emphasize genius loci and the very high status of the location where it is found.

Besides being a wonderful decoration for a villa, residence, mansion or palace – it will also suit an exclusive hotel, a health resort, spa park, wellness centre, business club, golf course, prestige hall or the garden of a wedding house and a thousand other places and properties you host, and which there is an abundance of in our beautiful country.

Each copy of this fountain is unique – there are no two identical items, because it is hand-crafted by our artist sculptors using methods from that era.

This is associated with a relatively long waiting period, however we assure you that, for the effect it has in nature, it’s worth the wait.

*** ATTENTION – currently there is only one item available immediately!

[Standard waiting time – around 3-4 months]


*** Assembly, connection and starting the fountain – are not included in the price of the fountain. The quoted price applies to the fountain itself, including delivery and unloading in any chosen place in the UK.

At the individual request of the Customer – we prepare an additional price offer concerning assembly services, connection and starting the fountain.

Customers ordering the assembly service – in addition to the one –year warranty service – we also offer the service of subsequent, long-term post-warranty care (periodic inspections) and professional maintenance of the entire fountain before the autumn-winter season, when the fountain is installed outside), on individually-agreed, preferential terms.

Customers may resign from post-warranty care at any time without giving any reason. We provide these kinds of services throughout the UK.

Style -  Classicism

Classification -  Modern replica

Time -  of Origin Modern times

Material -  Dark marble / dark slate

Dimensions - h/w/d. : 1,6/0,8/0,8 m

Weight -  circa 300 kg

Item condition -  New

Damages -  None. Deliberately artificially aged.

Certificate YES – Certificate of Authenticity

Warranty YES – Guarantee of Legal Origin

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