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Impressive and beautiful in form, over two metres height standing clock (floor), made in Venetian Rococo style, with meticulous attention to even the smallest historical detail. The versatility and extravagance of the Rococo ornament are impressive, as well as the ubiquitous, deep, masterful woodcarved decoration (even the delicate plant motive visible on the sides of the clock, is engraved not painted on!). A stunning finish in the form of a strong, openwork rocaille element. Hand-designed polychrome and gilt finishes. The delicate craquelure, characteristic for the Venetian Rococo, undoubtedly adds charm to the whole. A dignified and noble chime of the clock. The clock strikes each hour, half-hour and quarter (possibility to turn off completely). Uniquely effective, prestigious and flamboyant floor clock, for a small fracture of the standard prices of clocks from this class and period. After professional conservative maintenance and clockmaking inspection of the clock. Fully functional.

Style -  Venetian

Year Classification -  Stylized object

Time of creation -  II half Twentieth century

Place of creation - Central Europe

Art circle -  Northern Italy

Material -  Handmade polychrome and gilded wood

Dimensions - Height 202 cm, Width 59 cm, Depth 31 cm 

Item condition - After professional conservative maintenance

Damage -  None

Certificate YES - Certificate of Authenticity

Warranty YES - Guarantee of Legality of Origin

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