THE MUSEUM CLASSES LARGE BOULLE, 19th century, 18th century design.

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Prestigious, museum-class fireplace clock almost one meter high, made around the middle of the nineteenth century (according to the eighteenth-century model) in Boulle technique and style, which is the most expensive and effective ebony style in history.


Extremely richly ornamented with a complex, characteristic of the Boulle style, made entirely in a labour-intensive metal inlaying technique. Even the inside of the door is decorated with this technique and the so-called clock interior floor, which is rare. 


Additionally, the clock is decorated with numerous expressive fittings and metal oil twigs and a figure of a bird's-eye breaking off below the dialect.


Particularly noteworthy is the magnificent crowning of the clock - a magnificent and impressive, very high class artistic sculpture (gilded bronze), depicting the personification of time in the form of the winged god Chronos, sitting on the earth. Chronos holds a scythe, which here is a symbol of the inevitable passing of time and human life. 


The whole thing is complemented by the spectacularly glazed sides and front of the clock,

separate porcelain plates each hour on a digital plate, and a beautiful, so-called Sunny Pendulum.


  • France
  • around the middle of the 19th century.
  • wood, metal, gilded bronze
  • height 90 cm
  • width 47 cm
  • depth 20 cm


It will be a great decoration of every living room, office, library, etc.


Without any damage or glue,

without any missing or reworked elements.

Complete metal inlays, fully stable and without any tendency to be detached. 

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