THE "SHEPHERDESS WITH THE LAMB" alabaster, Signature Gabbrielli

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THE "SHEPHERDESS WITH THE LAMB" alabaster, Signature Gabbrielli

Half-meter high, alabaster sculpture

by Donatello Gabbrielli (1884-1955),

depicting a shepherdess carrying a lamb on her shoulders.


An idyllic sculpture, maintained in the so-called canon of the Good Shepherd.

Excellent artistically - ideal proportions, worked out details, high-class sculpting workshop.



the 1920s.

Signature : "D. Gabbrielli."


height: 49 cm

weight: 20 cm

depth: 17 cm.


Ideal for smaller rooms, bedrooms, etc.


No damage or glue,

without any deficiencies or reworked elements (rarity).

The copies that are sometimes put up for auction, are very often glued, replenished, etc.

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