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Original, unique, figural desk with an extension / bureau in an eclectic style. Dated around 1880, made in oak, certainly on individual order.

The whole is rich in typically eclectic and Renaissance motifs ,very rich woodcarving, lion masks or numerous columns, pilasters and acanthus flowers.

Enriched with intricately made two sculptures of women.

The bottom part with a rectangular top, supported on two single-leaf cabinets; top lined with genuine leather. Under the counter, three very deep drawers with profiled faces.

Cabinet door wings enclosed on the sides with pilasters crowned with Ionian capitals. Plates richly carved with eclectic ornaments. At the bottom, a wide decorative cornice. The whole is supported on eight legs in the form of flattened balls.

A very representative setting and richly decorated with carved decorations also referring to Renaissance motifs. Based on balusters from the front and full wall at the back.

Settings with a central cabinet closed with a double door, a shelf inside and numerous small files; door richly carved in a dense foliage with fantastic animals - dragons, lions. A deep drawer below.

The sides of the door are covered with pilasters in the form of full-plastic sculptures of women crowned at the bottom and top with lion masks.

On the sides there are two symmetrically arranged pairs of drawers enclosed by consoles decorated with acanthus leaves. At the top, a gallery of balusters, with decorative pinnacles in the corners.

At the top, a decorative elevation decorated on the sides with rocaillas, leaves and an eclectic carving. Two beautiful pinnacles on the sides.

Very good condition for your years - to insert or refresh if you like.

The original set of beautiful keys has been preserved!

Incredibly representative, exhibition furniture, but also roomy and practical.

Width: 168 cm

Height: 190 cm

Depth: 90 cm

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