Unique, monumental desk - historicism 19th/20th century

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A unique, massive desk - historicism. Dated at the turn of the 19th/20th  century.

Made of walnut wood, blackened.

A monumental desk, exceptionally richly decorated with woodcarving, ornaments and, above all, with reliefs from Greek mythology.

Massive - practical, supported on two cuboidal bodies with profiled cornices at the bottom and decorated with rich ornaments. Inside there are three very long pull-out drawers and a desktop.

The middle part of the top is lined with green leather (secondary). The edge of the top is surrounded by an ornament. Under the top three drawers with decorated faces. Around the woodcarver with floral motifs and as many as 12 different coats of arms.

On the sides two pull-out desks with original embossed leather.

Profiled door - rounded. Decorated with bas-reliefs depicting genre scenes from Greek mythology. On the door we see Zeus, the tallest of the gods, depicted with an eagle and a whip and the messenger of the gods - Hermes with a caducus and in sandals with wings.

On the opposite side, genre scenes depicting Achilles - the hero and hero of the Trojan War shown on a chariot with a sword and a shield in his hand. Next to the Moon Goddess - Selene.

On the outer panels of the desk Kronos - the god of agriculture and Demeter - the goddess of fertility of the land and harvest.

A massive and representative desk with unusual and impressive decoration. Certainly made to individual order.

Furniture after renovation - to insert and use.


Width: 190 cm!

Depth: 100 cm

Height: 83 cm

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