Unique Original figural chandelier bronze 19th century

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The original, powerful, figurative chandelier made entirely of gilded bronze! Dated at the end of the 19th century.

The body is very massive, three-armed. Arched arms ended with a plate with five sleeves for candle holders. The body is decorated on each side with ribbons and Minerva heads - in Roman mythology the goddess of art and craft, but also the goddess of wisdom, science and literature. The body ends at the bottom with an acanthus rosette with a cone

Please pay attention to the precision of the casting and the perfect state of preservation!

The chandelier is crowned with a very clear and detailed figure showing a figure dressed in a very dignified 18th century outfit with a stick held on a pile of books - a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and faith in the power of science. Please pay attention to the proud attitude of the man - from the very posture itself, because I will face it. Very precise casting!

A chandelier hung on three rope-shaped girders (!) cast in bronze and tied to a ball at the very top. A chain above the ball.

The chandelier is fully operational, preserved in excellent condition!

Mighty and very representative, which is difficult to see in the pictures, so we invite you to our gallery to see for yourself.

Original richly sculpted chandeliers are among the unique on the antiquarian market.

Dimensions: Height 140 x span: 70 cm

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